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Other Outdoor Decor

From the quality furnishings assortment of outdoor décor at Dallas’ World of Décor, we have some amazing and unique collection of unconventional outdoor décor. Our category of ‘Other Outdoor Décor’ mainly comprises of illuminated decorations pieces and furnishings. From illuminated balls, bars, vases, lamps to quality furnishings like illuminated chairs, tables, club sofas and much more, all are part of outdoor décor selection. These decorations are one of a kind in Dallas. An outdoor collection from some of these illuminated outdoor décor can spice up the overall appearance of your yard, balcony or garden in general, especially at nighttime, turning every head passing by towards your home. Parties at backyard is an American legacy and we just can’t give up on them. Decors like bar, bottle holder or cocktail table can make a perfect party night for you and your place an ultimate party spot, where every friend wants to jump in for entertainment. So shop at World of Décor in Dallas for discounted and amazing furnishings for your outdoor. For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week, at a central location of 13400 Midway Ave, Dallas, plus we promise on-time delivery. So, stop in today at our Dallas’ furniture outlet for unique and long-lasting outdoor décor.