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Bronze Statues, Fountains, & Furnishings | Timeless Industries

Original Designs, Historical Reproductions, Custom Creations


The Art & History of Bronze

     Across the globe, bronze has been acknowledged as symbol of wealth and status for thousands of years. Artwork produced in bronze was regarded by the Ancient Greeks as the highest form of sculpture. Bronze, composed primarily of 90% copper and 10% tin, is the oldest alloy known to man. The earliest documented use of bronze occurred in 3500 B.C. by the Mesopotamian.


Our early predecessors needed to shape functional items that would be hard and durable. Another reason for its favor, which exists even today, is the resistance of bronze to decay or corrosion. The incredible nature of bronze, not only allows magnificent sculpture, statues, and other accents to be created; but due to the lack of corroding and the fact that bronze doesn’t rust, this also allows for the use of brass or bronze to be used in the design and creation of impressive architectural elements, functional bronze fountains, and life-size bronze statues, or larger-than-life bronze statues to create stunningly powerful architectural landscapes with the use of bronzes to the design the outdoor space of your dreams reminiscent of any time-period you prefer and style you desire.

    Investing in bronze statues, bronze sculptures, or bronze artwork is guaranteed to pay off due to the ever increasing value of copper and the correlating value of bronze. Antique bronzes, are highly sought after, as bronze pieces will naturally weather to a beautiful brown or green color, referred to as its patina. This patina has been replicated, duplicated, and inundated but absolutely nothing compares to the visually-breathtaking finish that forms over time, through a process that can never be rushed or reproduced with the same level of aesthetically pleasing beauty that will come with owning any bronze art.


As the protective patina forms, as a means of self-protection, bronze corrodes very slowly making it virtually Timeless.

     Timeless Industries, has traveled the world over to develop and offer this incredible collection. In addition to our diverse selection of statuary and objects d’art for the home and garden, curating a masterful collection from the world's top bronze artists and artisans to present a unique selection in unmatched quality, and featuring a strong emphasis on historical favorites, perfectly proportioned bronze recreations of any original masterpiece, inherently unique designs, customizable dimensions, real, original custom bronze statues from a personalized wax mold, and dual-purpose functions as art, accents, furnishings, architectural elements and more.


Functional Bronze Artwork & Statuary:

A collectible work of art with a purpose in today's home. Our offering consists of dining, side and coffee tables, lighting and some very complex and unusual architectural fountains. Each is of the highest quality and sure to 


become a focal point for a variety of applications.

Many of our designs are exact recreations of historically significant pieces, made possibleby copying treasures long since scoffed off the market by museums and collectors world-wide.

Other original designs — heretofore unavailable — are created exclusively for our clientele by master sculptors from around the world.


How is the Art of Bronze Produced?

“The Lost Wax Process" - is the production technique used to create these quality objects D'Art. It is an art in itself, as old as the alloy it utilizes.

.bronze-making-001.jpg bronze-making-002.jpg bronze-making-003.jpg.bronze-making-004.jpg.bronze-making-005.jpg.

     Once the design is ready, a negative mold is made. The mold is brushed with layer after layer of melted wax to the desire thickness of the final bronze, after which it is filled with a heat-resistant mixture to stabilize it.

Wax tubes are fitted by the artists to the outside of the shell, which become ducts for pouring the bronze during the actual casting. Metal pins are hammered through the shell to secure it. At this stage, the exterior of wax is completely covered with heat resistant plaster and the piece is then placed in large ovens.

     During the heating process the plaster dries, and the wax runs out, the molten bronze is poured through the ducts filling the void left by the removed wax. After cooling, the plaster shell is smashed away and ~ The Bronze is Cast. 

Timeless Creations Bronzes

     The designing, casting and enhanced patina finishes are the primary steps of this painstaking, labor-intensive art-form that require a master bronze artist to achieve with the level of skill and technical mastery that every one of our custom made bronze statues display. Antique reproductions, replica, or miniaturization of famous or historical bronze statues from some of the greatest bronze artists of all time; James Earl Fraser, Frederick Remington, Jim Davidson. 

     Check out our collection of western bronze statues with horses and cowboys and indians, in a limited series of Frederick Remington bronze statues; available as small tabletop bronzes, mid-sized feature mantel piece, a large 5ft reproduction of heralded works of art such as; "The Bronco Buster," "Wooly Chaps," "End of the Trail," and the "Buffalo Signal."

     Polychrome Patinas are decorative coatings that can be added to the finishing process of the bronze, which requires an additional painstaking step that is completed by the artist with a hand-applied finish. These make incredible feature pieces and really bring to life the Mermaids & Marine Life collection. Once again, with a wide array of different styles, shapes, sizes, different fish, mermaids, and featuring marble bases for collectible display and preventing any damage to the furnishings its placed on. Incredibly realistic sea turtles, whales, and dolphin bronzes; plus pre-designed available and in-stock items that you would have to go to a specialty shop to find anything comparable in value or beauty and they would be asking a phone number rather than a price tag.  

     What truly distinguishes our bronzes from the others, is the same that goes for any great work-of-art, and that is the love that our artisans put into each Timeless Creation. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Our artists and carvers are eager to work with you to create a custom bronze statue of your choosing. We can replicate any statue you want or accents you would like added simply by the photograph and the skill of our artists. Customize the sizes, dimensions, and patinas on anyone of our current designs and offerings.

     Buy the "Antiques of Tomorrow" from a source you can trust. We hope you will agree after reviewing our diverse collection that once again we have put together for you, our valued customer, truly, “The Very Best The World Has To Offer."