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Architectural Ceiling Medallion Installation Instructions

A Guide to Installing Ceiling Medallions for Chandeliers

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Ceiling medallions from World of Décor provide sought after architectural detail, add interest to a chandelier, and dimension to an otherwise vast, open ceiling. In a few simple steps, you can add that extra touch of ambiance and beauty by adorning chandeliers in entryways, dining rooms, or simply by being used as decoration for any room in your home.

Exquisitely detailed and constructed in lightweight materials, our ceiling medallions provide incomparable value with an easy, DIY installation. The patented, award-winning design enables our ceiling medallions to be installed by the consumers themselves without the need to hire a professional. Save money and install any of our ceiling medallions yourself by following a few simple steps and instructions.

Before Ceiling Medallion Installation

  1. 1 Please Read And Follow All Installation Instructions Carefully
  2. 2 Precautions and Safety Instruction are included below and safe practices should be followed on all installations as well as use of all tools to manufacturers safety instruction.
  3. 3 Turn off power at the breaker box BEFORE you begin installation.
  4. 4 Disconnect and remove current fixture before installing ceiling medallion.
  5. 5 Depending on size of the medallion you are installing it is recommended to have a minimum of 2 people and 2 ladders (Please follow Ladder MFC safety policies) for holding the medallion in place and during fastening to ceiling.

Surface and Ceiling Medallion Preparation

  1. Where to Mount the Ceiling Medallion - locate the mounting spaces placed evenly around the border (shallow indented areas without the decorative cabochon caps) - [A]. Use a 1/4” drill bit to drill though the medallion to create mounting holes in these allotted locations.
  2. Where to Place the Ceiling Medallion for Chandelier - With the help of an assistant place the medallion on the ceiling where you want to install the product. Then lightly outline the ceiling medallion shape on the surface of the ceiling and mark through your newly drilled mounting holes where you will be securing the medallion to the ceiling so that when removed the marks you made are clear [B].
  3. OPTIONAL to Ensure Seamless Installation of Ceiling Medallion - Remove stucco on ceiling using a scraper to allow for a more professional look. This can often be done by using a spray bottle with water to soften the stucco and use a scraper to remove wet stucco to the marked outline of the ceiling medallion. Since this step is for aesthetics, it is unnecessary unless you feel this extra process is what you require. The medallions are quite pliable and will look quite fine without this extra step in most installations. 

Tools & Materials You Will Need to Install the Medallion Around Your Chandelier

  • Drill Mounting Holes
  • Screws or Wall Anchoring Kit
  • Screw driver Drill with 1/4” drill bit
  • Ladder(s)
  • Sponge or clean cloth
  • Pencil

Optional Tools & Materials for Installation of Medallion:

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Stucco Scraper
  • Scissor Lift

Available at local hardware stores Depending on the ceiling surface, options exist as to the method of the anchoring kit to be used. It can be as simple as using typical screws into a wood ceiling or the more common use of an anchoring kit used for hollow wall or plaster ceiling. It is wise to determine the length of the screws needed depending on the thickness of the ceiling. With anchoring kits flexibility is one of the easy installation advantages.

Installation of Ceiling Medallion on Dry-Wall Ceilin 

  1. Position your ladder(s) carefully to allow you to hold the medallion safely in place with the assistance of a partner.
  2. In the marks that you made in the ceiling where you are going to secure your medallion, set your threaded drywall anchors (not included).
  3. Once all anchors are in place, with the assistance of a partner, lift the medallion into place and feed electrical wiring through center hole of medallion.
  4. Align the anchors previously attached to your ceiling with the screw holes made in the medallion during preparation.
  5. Using a minimum 2” screw, affix and secure the medallion to the installed anchors using each mounting space located along the border of the medallion [C].
  6. Reconnect fixture or ceiling fan (Please comply with fixture or ceiling fan manufacturer installation instructions) and slide fixture canopy cover up to medallion and tighten ring snug against medallion [D].

NOTE: You may need to purchase a longer thread pipe or down rod to anchor fixture or fan, as supplied pipe or rod may not accommodate medallion thickness. (Available at local hardware store) 7 finishing caps are provided as decorative caps over the installed fastener for finished look.

PRECAUTIONS: When Installing Ceiling Medallions With A Light Fixture Or Ceiling Fan

  • 1. ALWAYS turn power off at breaker box prior to installation.
  • 2. DO NOT use the medallion to support the weight of the lighting or ceiling fan fixture.
  • 3. DO NOT use the fixture or fan canopy to support the medallion in any way.
  • 4. ALWAYS follow light fixture and/or ceiling fan manufacturer’s installation instructions for proper fixture support.
  • 5. ALWAYS consult with a licensed electrician or refer to local electrical codes to assure that the fixture installation meets code requirements.

Always Follow These Safety Suggestions when Installing A Medallion on your Ceiling for a Chandelier

  • 1. Follow good construction practices.
  • 2. When using power tools, adhesives and finishing materials [such as paint or stain], be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 3. Always wear safety goggles when using a power tool or hammer.
  • 4. Always use the right tool and/or equipment for the job

Ceiling Medallion Warranty from World of Decor

World of Decor warrants all its products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of three [3] years from date of purchase. This warranty does not include damage or other problems resulting from improper installation, misuse or normal wear and tear.  World of Decor's liability is limited to product replacement cost. It does not include freight or handling expenses, installation cost or any other costs or expenses incurred in connection with the purchase or use of our products. The medallion you are purchasing is for decorative purposes only. It is not designed to hold any additional weight.

AFD and World of Decor ceiling medallions function as a decorative element only, and are not designed to support electrical fixtures or provide any load bearing capacity. AFD  shall not be responsible if any failure to comply with these installation instructions results in the products failing to perform the purpose intended.