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An avid lover of unique and interesting antiquities, George Eouse founded World of Decor® in 2003. For over 20 years, he has worked with suppliers worldwide to make the best in quality, style, and craftsmanship accessible and affordable to our beloved customers. 



Family-owned and operated by George and his children; World of Decor® customers are much more than that. George has always prided himself on being available to any customer because of his excitement to share all the incredible details of what we offer. He has passed this legacy of service and involvement on to his children who also have personal involvement with customers from all over and lifelong relationships with many. 

World of Decor® offers many home furnishings and decor but has always had a particular interest in architectural elements that can transform interior or exterior decor. Whether it is a spectacular water feature, gazebo, medallions, or affordable finished crown molding, we have it all.

George’s passion and love for antiques began at Flea Market hunts with his mother Edith. Later he began a career as a restauranteur filling his establishments with incredible statuaries and signs. From this developed the Whimsical Treasures Collection which has become a statement collection that fills restaurants, game rooms, and man caves the world over. 


World of Decor believes that focusing on the craftsmanship of our furnishings will lead to heirloom pieces with timeless quality. Bench made, solid wood, handmade, and multi-step finishing are all key characteristics of our exclusive Furniture collections.

Bridgeton Moore

Bridgeton Moore and AFD Home outdoor furnishings have grown and developed over the years leading to special patents and the best most comprehensive outdoor furniture warranty in the business. Fully constructed, powder coated finishing, aluminum, woven elements, and function combined with style have made our patio assortment one of the best known and highly sought after names in the outdoor industry. .

Beautiful Furnishings - Incredible Deals - Free Shipping

As one of the nations largest home furnishings importers and owners of  World of Decor retail locations around the country and the famous World of Decor Auction events we find ourselves running out of room in our 300,000 square foot Orlando, Florida warehouse often.  

This site was designed to allow you to get great deals on items to help us gain some of that room back. As a reward for helping us clear space, we offer you, our World of Decor customers a variety of our over 5,000 home furnishings and decor items online for a fraction of Suggested Retail Price. It's a Win Win situation. You get a great deal on some awesome home furnishings for your home or business and we get our warehouse space back to bring in even more items to you at our retail stores and auctions around the country. 

We had 3 things in mind when developing this concept for our customers with our buyers, managers, and shipping partners:

  1. Great Products
  2. Great Deals
  3. Free Shipping

We think we've hit on all 3 counts and hope you enjoy the savings and continue to support World of Decor as a unique family owned & operated business that's more than just another furniture store. We are a World of Decor.