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Mosaic Glass Panther Sculpture

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Mosaic Glass Panther Sculpture
  • Hand Made
  • Micro Mosaic
  • Sleek Style
  • Contemporary D?cor
  • Dimensions 18W x 8D x 18.5H

  • A striking depiction of one of nature's most elegant predators. This exquisite piece, with overall dimensions of 18 inches in width, 8 inches in depth, and 18.5 inches in height, embodies the majestic and mysterious aura of the panther. The statue is meticulously crafted with a micro mosaic technique that creates a textured and sparkling effect, reminiscent of a panther moving stealthily under the moonlight. Its poised and dynamic form seems to capture a moment of silent hunting, evoking a sense of both beauty and power. Set upon a shelf, mantle, or as a centerpiece, this micro mosaic panther statue is sure to draw the eye and spark conversation. Its substantial size makes it a prominent piece without overwhelming space, fitting perfectly in an office, living room, or as part of a larger display in a commercial setting. This piece isn't just a statue; it's a tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty of the wild, rendered in countless shimmering pieces to bring a touch of the untamed into your home or workplace.

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