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Peruvian Painted Glass Argento Mirror

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47.00 x 3.00 x 71.00
Brazilian Hardwoods,Mirror,Glass
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Peruvian Painted Glass Argento Mirror
  • Reverse painted glass mirror
  • Hand carved and made in Peru
  • Beautiful accent mirror
  • Our new Black Argent Blue Reverse Mirror is 47" wide and 71" tall it features a very striking finish of silver leaf and bluish tones creating depth and contrast against a dramatic black field in this reverse painted art mirror. Set into an angled and multi reflective carved frame design the technique used is a modern expansion of an art form developed hundreds of years ago in the small villages of the Andes mountains. The artists were able to create colorful objects utilizing indigenous vegetable and plant based colors. The techniques evolved over the years from generation to generation and expanded to painting hides and pottery, it was later discovered that by using this technique and by painting on the reverse side of glass that the colors and designs where even more beautifully magnified. Today they are even further enriched by backing the painting panels with gold and silver leaf foils. We offer many color options in these fine and very popular authentic Peruvian mirrors for you to choose from and while there are many copies created in less quality trying to copy the original techniques none are found as beautiful as those offered under our Santa Lucia Collection. A hand made treasure and an investment in a quality art form to be cherished for generations to come.

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