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Standing Reindeer Antler Chandelier 58H

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Standing Reindeer Antler Chandelier 58"H
  • Hand Painted
  • Statement Piece
  • Antler Chandelier
  • Dimensions 30W x 42.5D x 58H

  • A grand synthesis of sculptural art and illuminating function. This fiberglass creation brings an element of the wild, adorned with branching antlers that hold aloft an array of elegant candle-style lights. Available in two sizes to fit varying spaces and preferences, this piece is as versatile as it is striking. The statue's sleek, black body provides a modern twist on the traditional stag figure, offering a majestic and contemporary visual anchor for any room. The antlers, with their naturalistic form and golden finish, unfurl into a candelabra that casts a warm, inviting glow. This chandelier statue is a conversation starter, a centerpiece that bridges the gap between lighting and art. It is perfect for those who seek to infuse their space with a touch of nature's nobility and the sophistication of classic lighting design. Whether gracing the entrance of a boutique hotel, the corner of a chic living room, or the center of a spacious foyer, the Antler Chandelier Statue is sure to captivate and enchant with its bold presence and radiant light.

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