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Big Foot

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MSRP: $3,979.00
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Favorites for restaurant and bar decor. Great for game and theatre rooms. Hand painted finish
Big Foot has been seen ! Whether you call him Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti  for sure this tall, hairy and elusive creature will capture your heart  and be the focus of conversation and countless photos for your friends and clients for years to come.  But remember valued customers……. while few have ever claimed to spot one…………. even fewer have ever had the chance to own one of these always sold out elusive creations. Our exclusive Big foot is artist created by one of the top living animal sculptures. The detail is incredible you will fall in love with his face eyes smile and mouth and of course his feet are pretty bizarre as well. He is sculpted in durable all weather fiberglass construction he is all hand finished with incredible attention to detail. The finished item is given a protective top coat protection to help weather exterior use but always will hold up better for interior applications. At over 7 feet tall he stands a whopping 47" wide x 44.5" deep x 84.25" tall . Note* all items used in outdoor applications require care and periodic maintenance depending on the conditions.


    • Favorites for restaurant and bar decor
    • Great for game and theatre rooms
    • Handpainted finish

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